About Us

We are one of the most recognized Industrial training institute in India. Our facilities are state-of-the-art and have ISO 9001-2008(several different regulatory) approvals. We want to ask some basic questions: Can our processes be superior? Is there a more efficient way to achieve the outcome? How can we improve the service proportion?

Since last two years, our institutes retain the strengths of a small organization - speedy, quick decision and cajole structures. But we have grown by leaps and bounds in our confidence that we can be the best Chromatography training institute in India. this is our quest that steers us to perform better and better. Our institute is a leader in the use of environment friendly technolgies.

Mission & Goals

The Chromatography institute of Advance Analytical Research & Training Institute was founded on the belief that both laboratories and instrument suppliers could be better served through an independent organization whose desire is to improve the flow of factual information concrning chromatography instrumentation, theory and operation. We are committed to providing that services in the best, most effective and resonably priced inaner possible.